About Andy

A Maine technology and communications professional.

I may not have been born in Maine, but after 7 years and stints from Edgecomb to Fairfield and hopefully back to the Midcoast soon, it’s home. I currently work in an IT/marketing role and have supported almost every piece of tech out there over the years. This website is dedicated to my love of tech, well, playing around with it at least.

What I do

At my day job…

I work at Tidewater Telecom in Nobleboro, Maine. Working at an ISP means I’m exposed to all sorts of technology, and helping with outreach has exposed me to the Midcoast community I’ve grown to love.


I occasionally post videos to my YouTube channel. These are primarily focused on tech.v

A prominent public domain photographer

Well when you say it like that I can’t pass up the opportunity to link to my flickr page. All of the photos there are in the public domain and are free to use for any purpose.

The tech tinkerer

From basic Windows annoyances to home VPN servers, there are a lot of projects I’d like to tackle, which will hopefully show up here and on YouTube. Stay tuned!